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The rate of CO2 increases is slowing (BBC).

Climate change could affect food supplies (NY Times).

Trees help protect vulnerable species from climate change (BBC).

LED prices are tumbling (NY Times).

The Pacific Ocean is warming faster than it has in 10,000 years (LA Times).

Flooding is the newest fear after a California fire burns out (LA Times).

Climate scientists want environmentalists to support nuclear power (Washington Post).


Animals in the tropics will face global warming’s strongest effects (LA Times). And the coldest years in the future could be warmer than the hottest years of the past (NY Times).

El Nino will be more intense in the future (BBC).

The U.S. is less vulnerable to OPEC than it was 40 years ago (Washington Post).

The energy industry is rapidly changing (NY Times).

The moose population is in decline (NY Times).

Major floods hit Colorado (Wall Street Journal).

China proposes a plan to curb air pollution (NY Times).

The EPA will propose emissions limits for newly built power plants (NY Times). The coal industry isn’t happy (Bloomberg).

The world throws away about 1/3 of its food (LA Times).


Ecuador approves drilling in the Amazon (BBC).

European forests are reaching a carbon saturation point (BBC).

Green power’s intermittent nature is a challenge (NY Times).

The army tests trash-to-energy (NY Times).

Gas mileage labeling may get some changes (NY Times).

Climate change is affecting Japanese apples (LA Times). It’s also making redwoods and giant sequoias grow faster (LA Times).


Natural gas is booming in Ohio (NY Times).

Shell was unprepared for Arctic drilling, a federal report says (Washington Post).

India lacks drinkable water (NY Times).

Railroads transport more and more oil (Bloomberg).

Obama discusses Keystone XL with House Republicans (Washington Post).

2012 was a big year for US solar installations (NY Times).

(Posting for Matt)
Sick and tired of unwrapping the plastic around the cardboard box? Then you open the box and the item is in a plastic bag and has some “cushion” (most likely styrofoam) around the bag. Ridiculous, right? Well, The Disappearing PackageĀ  is on the case.
The solutions revolve around 5 ordinary household items: a bar of soap, tea, a jar, laundry detergent and trash bags. The keys for the disappearing packages are a couple of things. There’s packaging ink on something such as the Oxo jar that washes off in the sink. Then there’s the idea with the Glad trash bags that there’s nothing to really protect and so you wrap it in the product itself. The proposed Glad trash bags actually resemble the City of Boston’s recycling bags, which are self contained in a roll and have no cardboard box around them.
The problem that the environment faces from packaging is spelled out on the website’s front page. Americans use 140 billion pounds of packaging a year. That’s 140 billion pounds of nearly pure waste. I can’t see any reason not to give The Disappearing Package a chance, right?


The BP trial gets underway on Monday (Washington Post). Settlement talks don’t appear promising (NY Times).

There’s finally compromise on snowmobiles in Yellowstone (Washington Post).

Poor air quality plagues Utah (NY times).

The drought out West is forecast to persist (LA Times).

Siberian permafrost is in danger of thawing (BBC).

PNC shareholders will vote on a climate change resolution (LA Times).

Advocates try to promote an international standard on water use reduction (BBC).


BP’s civil trial is set to get underway next week (LA Times, NY Times). Meanwhile, the government agreed to credit BP for the oil it recovered (Washington Post).

Iceland looks to export geothermal energy (NY Times).

Tesla’s long-term viability is questionable (LA Times).

Gas prices are climbing again (Washington Post).

Invasive species are a larger threat in Europe than previously thought (BBC).


Extreme weather is increasing worldwide (NY Times).

The U.S. orders an expedited Arctic drilling assessment (Washington Post).

Canada’s oil sands increase carcinogen levels (NY Times).

2013 should bring lower gas prices (Washington Post).

Mercury emissions are growing (BBC).

Wildfires rage in Australia (BBC).


BP is temporarily suspended from new U.S. government contracts (BBC).

Researchers have determined the sea level rise from the polar ice melt (BBC).

Cities can show what global warming effects look like (NY Times).

U.S. cattle are on the decline (BBC).

2012 will likely be the planet’s 9th-warmest in 160 years (NY Times).

The Keystone pipeline would become a conflict of interest for Susan Rice if she becomes Secretary of State (Washington Post).