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The White House delayed several regulations until after the 2012 election (Washington Post).

Earthquakes keep shaking Oklahoma (NY Times).

Some companies try to increase electronics recycling (NY Times).

Weather (not just chemicals) explains some of the ozone layer hole’s recent changes (BBC).

Antarctica continues losing ice (BBC).


A pathway to a possible deal in 2015 is what came out of the UN climate talks (BBC, also see NY Times). It also featured incentives to curb deforestation (BBC).

Nitrous oxide is a major threat to the ozone later (BBC).

Duke Energy pleads guilty and pays a $1 million fine for bird deaths from wind turbines (LA Times).

Some Chinese are fleeing polluted cities (NY Times).

Tesla cars are under investigation for catching fire (Washington Post).

The U.S. is ordered to stop collecting nuclear waste disposal fees (Washington Post).

Wyoming passes new fracking rules (NY Times).


Climate change could harm society, says a draft IPCC report (LA Times).

The EPA proposes smaller biofuel use requirements (Washington Post).

Climate talks and a coal meeting go on side by side in Poland (BBC, also see here). Climate change’s inequitable impact has become a key topic (NY Times).

Amazon deforestation is up 28% since last year (BBC). Deforestation is now mapped by Google Earth (BBC).

Human actions partly explain global warming slowdowns, a paper argues (LA Times).

Last month the U.S. produced more crude oil than it imported for the first time in 18 years (Washington Post).


Corruption in Peru hurts the rain forest (NY Times).

The Supreme Court will hear challenges to the EPA’s power (LA Times).

Microgrids are gaining popularity (Bloomberg).

Air pollutants are a leading cause of cancer, says the WHO (BBC).

Oil companies are sued for flaring natural gas (NY Times).

Environmentalists and labor unions look for common ground (Washington Post).

BP’s exploration activity is recovering (NY Times).


A UN climate panel endorses an upper limit for greenhouse gas emissions (NY Times).

An appellate courts says that claims against BP need closer scrutiny (Washington Post).

Russia charges Greenpeace activists with piracy (BBC).

Fuel from landfill methane goes on sale (NY Times).

Coal is set to become the leading energy source in Southeast Asia (Bloomberg).

Existing coal-fired power plants might be able to slide past EPA regulations. (New York Times)

The UN’s IPCC climate change report shows that man is the main cause of global warming. (The Economist)

Scientists gave ways to avoid drastic climate change, but it won’t be easy. (Washington Post)


Human activity played a role in several extreme weather events (NY Times).

The EU offers some concessions on airline emissions (NY Times).

Geoengineering gets a look (Washington Post).

The UK considers biodiversity offsetting (BBC).

College athletics tries to go green (Washington Post).

Carnival agrees to reduce cruise ship air pollution (LA Times).

A draft UN report says global warming may be slowing down (Bloomberg).

The Yosemite fire is now the 4th-biggest in California history (LA Times).

The fire highlights firefighting differences between the National Park Service and other agencies (LA Times).

Crude oil prices are at an 18-month high (Washington Post). But gas prices aren’t expected to spike dramatically (NY Times).

China’s smog is finally getting the government’s attention (NY Times).

Antarctic ice is more vulnerable to temperature changes than previously thought (BBC).

A big canyon sits under Greenland’s ice (BBC).


Al Gore is optimistic about climate change progress (Washington Post).

A big fire burns near Yosemite (BBC).

Erosion threatens Florida’s beaches (NY Times).

Increased freight rail traffic runs up against the Northwest’s green image (NY Times).

The leak at Fukushima may be worse than acknowledged (BBC).

An air conditioning refrigerant dispute threatens Mercedes sales in France (NY Times).


The second term has brought a new environmental focus for the administration (Washington Post).

The Capitol Power Plant continues to lead DC in carbon emissions (NY Times).

 Nebraska lawsuit could delay the Keystone XL pipeline (Washington Post). Transporting Canadian crude oil has substantial risks (NY Times).

Climate change has had significant effects in California (LA Times).

The feds have missed deadlines for setting commercial appliance energy efficiency rules (Stateline).