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The EPA is Rick Perry’s favorite punching bag (NY Times).

The jobs/environment debate resurfaces in the proposed oil pipeline fro Canada (NY Times).

The LA Times looks at Solyndra’s collapse.

Climate change could hurt the Canadian GDP (BBC).


Reckless spending allegations are the latest blow for Solyndra (Washington Post), as company executives plead the 5th (NY Times).

Meanwhile, the GOP attack spread to green jobs in general (NY Times), even as a green tax credit program gains popularity (NY Times).

The UK begins a geo-engineering test (BBC). Climate change could also be good news for British fishing (BBC).

Missed this last week, but the BBC had this column about the climate policy implications of Republican beating Obama. Speaking of the administration, here’s another article about the Solyndra case (NY Times).

The market for cold water detergents has yet to heat up (NY Times).

A dam removal in Washington state highlights a growing trend (LA Times).


The fallout continues from the failure of a California solar company that received a half-billion dollar loan from the government. Republican lawmakers released documents suggesting that the White House rushed the loan’s approval (NY Times, also see Washington Post). This Times article says market forces could put other green investments at risk. Meanwhile, the Post reports that many promised green jobs haven’t materialized.

Federal investigators say BP shortcuts caused last year’s Gulf spill (NY Times).

Not a lot happening this week.

A bill in California would let the governor exempt some projects from lengthy environmental challenges (LA Times).

The government is struggling to keep an eye on pipelines, increasing the risk for spills (NY Times).

This boat made it around the world on just solar power (NY Times).

Green power rules could be on the chopping block in Ohio (Columbus Dispatch).


Wildfires in Texas continue to get worse (LA Times).

The failure of a California solar company hasn’t stopped the Department of Energy from making two new loan guarantees (NY Times). Meanwhile, that California company was raided by the FBI (LA Times).

A new report looks at hydrofracking’s risks and rewards (NY Times).

Hope everyone’s enjoying Labor Day and the unofficial end of summer.

Obama pulls the plug on tougher smog rules (BBC), stinging environmentalists (NY Times). Meanwhile, the jobs-environment debate rages on (NY Times).

National Grid draws praise and criticism for ts response to Irene (Providence Journal).

Environmentalists are skeptical of the firm studying hydrofracking in NY (NY Times).

Beijing introduces congestion pricing (BBC). San Francisco experiments with dumpster-sized greenery (LA Times).

A California city tries to get people to engage in smart-grid technology (LA Times).

This BBC column discusses the debate between widespread “nature-friendly” farming versus intensive farming over small areas.

Bringing back Friday’s links in advance of the long weekend. Just a few stories this time.

$527 million in federal loans isn’t enough to keep a solar firm from going under (NY Times).

Seattle aims to construct self-sustaining office buildings (LA Times).

Exxon strikes a deal with Russia for drilling rights in the Arctic (NY Times).

As if Earth’s environment wasn’t enough of a problem, there’s also growing concern over space debris (BBC).