Join Lights Out, Green In on Earth Day … & Get a T-shirt for $5!

Join Lights Out, Green In on Earth Day this year at the Pawtucket SpringTime Farmers Market from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. On Earth Day this year – Sat., April 21 – Lights Out, Green In will sell discounted T-shirts to support the environment. Pay $5 and get a shortsleeve Lights Out, Green In T-shirt! All the money goes to buying energy-saving bulbs for low-income residents. And while you’re at our table at farmers market, make sure you’ve signed up for the pledge to turn out your lights from 11-1 every day and use natural light and ambient light. Don’t miss Lights Out, Green In on Earth Day at 1005 Main Street in the Hope Artiste Village.

Follow Lights Out, Green In on Twitter

As Twitter grows in popularity, so does Lights Out, Green In’s power to reach people with daily “pledge alerts” and news from our blog, which offers links and analysis on all environmental happenings throughout each week. Follow LightsOutGreen on Twitter and get daily alerts at 10:55 am reminding you to turn off your lights for the pledge. And check us out for other environmental links to our blog.

LOGI’s Annual Tax Filing

In accordance with IRS statutes, Lights Out, Green In has filed its 990-EZ form for 2011. The IRS will make it available for viewing upon public request. As an organization committed to openness, Lights Out, Green In can also supply a copy of the IRS report to those who wish to examine it.

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